Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guided Reading Labels

As I've been planning to start the Daily Five this school year, I've been working on how to organize the classroom library so students are able to know which books are on their level. I've been creating book bin labels for all kinds of themed books and series books. I plan on using these in one section of my library.
 I think I'll put the series and themed books on the big bookshelf and the smaller bookshelf beside it.

In another section, I want to have books already divided into levels. This could be books that might not fit in a certain category or are a favorite of the kids. I'm planning on putting these on the bookshelf that is turned sideways. This is right beside their book boxes so it will be easy for them to browse.

I've created some labels for these boxes featuring the Guided reading levels. Here's a couple of pictures of the labels. They go from A to Z so teachers of all grade level can use them.

Feel free to download the Guided Reading labels I created.  They are free on Teacher's Notebook and TPT.  If you download, I would appreciate you rating the product or becoming a follower.


  1. Hi Courtney,
    Love your blog and creative ldeas! I am having trouble downloading the guided reading labels. Are they still available?

  2. I had to take them down for now because I didn't realize I couldn't offer Lettering Delights products for free. I am probably going to buy a license so they may be available soon. Please send me your email so I can get them to you when I do.

  3. Thanks Courtney! That is very thoughtful of you. Is there a way to send you my e-mail through a personal message?

  4. Just email me at with Guided Reading labels in the subject line. Thanks!

  5. Hi Courtney, I love your colorful book bins. Where can I find them?


    1. I got them at Target last year. They were in the dollar section but were $2.50 each. I haven't seen them this year.


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