Friday, July 22, 2011

New Book Bin Labels

I've finally finished my second set of book bin labels for theme books. There are 73 labels total with 6 on each page. I think they turned out really good. You can find them on TPT and Teacher's Notebook.
Here's pictures of a couple pages.

 Click here to get the labels.


  1. Wow! Those bin labels are sooo cute! I will definitely use them!


  2. They are amazing!
    Is there anyway you could make some in the same style that cover all the genres?
    My class and I are focusing on reading from a variety of genres and I want to store books according to genre to help them with their text choices.

  3. Rachelle - If you let me know what you are looking for, I can add it to my list. You can post it here or email me at

  4. Hi,
    I've really like your labels and I plan to use them for my classroom library! However, you don't have some labels that I need and I was wondering how I can make the labels that I need so that I can have matching labels
    Thanks, Leemore

    1. Hi Leemore! I actually have several sets available in my TPT store so you may see more of what you need there.


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