Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Treasures Unit

I've just finished a packet of activities for "My Name is Yoon" from Treasures Unit 1 Story 5.
It includes:

- Vocabulary cards
- Spelling word cards
- Vocabulary cootie catcher
- Combining subjects and predicates posters
- Cat Combinations (combining subjects and predicates game)
- "My Name is Yoon" comprehension game
-  Quote Detective game (placing quotation marks in the correct place in sentences)
- Quotation poster
- Prediction poster
- Prediction graphic organizer

You can find it on sale at Teacher's Notebook and TPT.

Don't forget all my other items are also on sale until Friday.


  1. I love love your treasure units. They are the best resources I have seen yet for centers and reinforcing the concepts for that week. Are you continuing on with all the units? I sure hope so, I look forward to more. :)

  2. Thank you so much! I am planning on doing the rest of the units. I started school last week so my new units took a back seat for a while. I am beginning unit 2 soon.


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