Saturday, July 16, 2011

Songs in the Classroom

Hadar at Miss Kindergarten is having a linky party for classroom songs. Last year, my kids loved to sing. Sometimes my second graders think they are too cool to sing. Even if they don't sing, they are learning things from the song. At the end of the year, I started making up my own songs to teach harder phonics skills. My kids loved them so I plan on doing more phonics song this year. Check out my songs below.

 Click on the links below to get "The or song" from TPT or Teacher's Notebook for free.

Click on the links for TPT or Teacher's Notebook to get "The er song." Hope you can use them in your classroom!

Visit the linky party by clicking on the button below.


  1. Great songs! I find that some of my "too cool for school" first graders stop wanting to sing along with us towards the end of the year, too! But then I catch them humming the tunes later! Just found you through the linky party and now I'm following you!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. I love Miss Heidi's songs for sight words! I used those a ton last year when I taught Kindergarten. I don't use them as much this year. However, I have used some multiplication songs extensively this year! It's working, even the big ol' 3rd graders love some music in the classroom.


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