Saturday, September 3, 2011

Homework and some freebies

Well, I've survived 3 weeks of school and I am exhausted. I'm so glad to have a 3 day weekend to recharge. Next week, my grade is starting homework and I created a homework notebook for each of my kiddos. My kids usually do a spelling activity, a math review, and have a take-home reader to read. I would love to revamp how I do homework but I am stuck. Does anyone have any great resources they use for homework? My kids are excited to have homework in 2nd grade but I don't want to make it busy work.

I created a label for each student's notebook and use Contact paper to attach it to the front. I used the different notebooks that each student brought from home so none of them match. This will help keep me organized. Feel free to grab a copy by clicking on the picture.

Next week, our story in Treasures focuses on firefighters and how they help people. I've created a double bubble map to have students compare and contrast firefighters and doctors. Even if you don't teach with Treasures, you can use it when discussing community helpers.

Hope you have a great Labor day weekend! I'm off to see my Vols play.  Go Vols!


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