Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today, I got my first check from TPT in the mail and it looked like this.

Seriously! How does that happen? I'm pretty mad about the whole thing right now. I'm not sure if I can even use it now.

Anyways, don't forget to enter my giveaway for $25 from Scrappin Doodles. It ends Saturday at midnight.


  1. TPT will reissue, I'm sure. You might have to send that check back, but I'm sure they'll make it good for you. The postal service sorting machines sometimes jam. :( So sorry you have to wait longer for your check...


    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

    The Yellow Rocking Chair

  2. OMG! That blows! (for lack of a more eloquent term...)
    So sorry :(
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  3. totally random, but trying to remember to tell people that I appreciate all their hard work. I LOVE your blog!

    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

  4. I’m passing the Blog on Fire award to you! Copy or paste the Blog on Fire button link below. Share seven things about yourself and pass the award along to some "hot" blogs you follow. Thanks for sharing your talents!

    Inside The Classroom

  5. Thanks Meghan! Sorry it's taken so long to say thanks. I've been swamped lately.


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