Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thank You + Famous Americans

Thank you all for the sweet comments yesterday. They definitely brightened my day.  Today was much better than yesterday. I had my post conference for my observations (finally finished!) and we had an awesome Mardi Gras lunch from our Kindergarten team. It's always nice not to have to make lunch.

I also want to say thank you to Katrina Webb and Emily from Second Grade Silliness for donating to my Donor's Choose project! You are awesome ladies! Thanks so much!

We are having a Famous American parade on Thursday at school along with a wax museum for our Kindergarten and 1st grade classes. The kiddos dress up as their Famous American and then share some facts with the visiting classes. This is our first year for the wax museum portion of the day. Has anyone else done a wax museum? Any tips for my team?

I had to go to Target tonight to get a bandana for my costume. I'm so dangerous at Target but it always puts me in a good mood.

I'll be grading my kids using a rubric that I created. Feel free to download and use for yourself.


  1. You are so fabulous Courtney! I'm so glad you're having a better day :) I can't wait to see a pic with the bandana...hehe :) Have a great rest of your week lady!

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  2. Yeah for a better day! I could totally relate to your post yesterday, you are not alone! Have a great week!

    First Grade Brain Sprinkles

  3. Target puts me in a good mood too! So dangerous...

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. Your site is great. I just started blogging and just opened a tpt store. Do you have any suggestions on how to get more followers? Thanks!

    1. Hey Heather! One big way is to have lots of freebies available on your blog and TPT store. Also, you can get followers by leaving comments and linking up your blog. Giveaways are also huge. It seems like it takes forever to get 100 followers but it grows quickly after that. Good luck!


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