Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some of My Favorites

What a crazy week! I can't believe Spring break was only last week. It seems like weeks ago.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things from the past few weeks.

#1 My new carpet from Donor's Choose
 My Donor's Choose project was funded last week and my carpet has already arrived. I was so excited to see it come in the school! Then, I realized how big it is. I kind of visualized the space that it would need but it was even bigger than I thought. So I took to rearranging my room. Call me weird but I love to rearrange furniture. I used to make fun of my mom for this so I get it naturally.  I've had to completely flip part of my room around but I'm loving how it looks now. My kiddos are so excited about the carpet too because it's so plush and they have room to sit comfortably. Thanks to everyone who donated to my project!

#2 Phonics videos
I've found some great videos lately to teach phonics skills. My students are loving a few of them and want to watch them everyday. I catch myself humming them pretty much all day. Here are a few of my favorites:

#3 Stacking Baskets from The Container Store
On my recent trip to Atlanta, we stopped at The Container Store. We don't have one of them near where I live so I had never been there. I found these great baskets for a reasonable price and, best of all, they match my classroom colors. They are great for organizing books and materials. I plan on using them to store more of my chapter books. I have so many that I don't know where to store them. I may have to order more online. I could only fit 6 in my car and I could use a few more.

#4 Great New Blog -- Zeek's Zoo
I found a great new blog via Pinterest and she has some great writing resources. This picture is what initially drew me to her site and I was not disappointed. 

#5  Scaredy Squirrel

Scaredy Squirrel is one of the cutest series of books that I have read in a long time. My kids love him and I die laughing at some of his antics. Just picture, a squirrel that is scared of everything and makes a plan for everything. I love the little diagrams and captions in the story.

You should check out these books. You will love them!

What are some of your favorite things right now?

Have a great Friday!


  1. I could spend hours in the Container Store, for real!! I'm lucky enough to have one right by me :) And I also saw and loved that Writing Goals chart, I'll have to check out the rest of the blog!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. My students love Scaredy Squirrel! They keep asking me to use it as a read-aloud. I find them laughing to themselves during silent reading time. It's so funny.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. I love that you teach the same series as me. These are exactly the sounds we are working on this week! Thank you SO much for sharing the videos!

    Are you still doing Treasures morning work? I would love to buy your units, but it's looking like I may move grade levels next year, so I'm holding out :) The morning work is such a perfectly matched review of our skills, though, and I super appreciated the times you shared it! :) If you're not still doing it, though, that's okay!

    And yes, Scaredy Squirrel books crack me up too!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    1. Hey Jenny! I left you a message on your blog. Email me and I can send you some of the morning sheets.

  4. My students and I are the biggest Scaredy Squirrel fans! (I just posted about it recentely, too.) I love that I can teach so many different kinds of writing and text features with Scaredy - lists, labels, charts, captions, diagrams, etc. And, of course, the kids can't get enough:)

    Teaching in Progress

  5. Isn’t it great how much change a carpet can bring to a room? I’d love to see a picture of your room with the carpet in now. I hope it hasn’t gotten any stains or dirt since you got it. Just in case though, there are some simple cleaning chemicals, some of which can handle specific fabrics without damaging them.

    Henry Gay

  6. Who wouldn’t love to have a carpet?! By the way, what’s the color of your carpet? I just hope that your kids will not do anything to stain it. Now that you have one, you have to be more responsible to be able maintain its quality for long time.

    -Leigh Eagle


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