Monday, July 23, 2012

Tell Me More

I know you aren't supposed to post twice in one day but I really wanted to join in Amy Lemon's fun linky party.

(1) I am a huge Tennessee Vols fan! My dad has has season tickets for over 40 years in the same seats and I was able to purchase two tickets beside his three tickets for this coming season. I am so excited! I usually go to all the games anyway but I love having my own seats. I even went to the games when I was on crutches after my knee surgery. It sure was fun when we had to go for cover twice during one game because of a storm and I was on crutches.
 My mom and I at the SEC championship. 
My brother and I on the field before a game. My dad was voted the biggest Vol fan and we got to go on the field and he got interviewed. It was an amazing experience!

(2) I love to read. I hate not having time to read during the school year but I try to make up for it during the summer. I love thrillers. I just finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. You should check it out if you like thrillers.

 Reading with my grandmother.
Reading to my doll Kansas. I actually still have this doll. It was named after a girl that lived next door to me.

(3) I have had a huge crush on Javy Lopez forever. He used to be a catcher on the Braves. I think he is adorable!
I go see the Braves play at least one weekend during the summer.

(4) John Mayer is my favorite musician. I went to see his concert in Nashville a few years ago and it was amazing. 

(5) I have a food texture issue. I cannot eat anything that is mushy. Bananas are a definite no no! Pudding and yogurt are on that list too.

(6) I took art lessons for years when I was growing up but I quit when I realized I was too much of a perfectionist to ever like what I drew.

(7) I love to bake. My family likes to joke that everything I make has to have Oreos in it. It's one of my main ingredients but I do go away from it sometimes.

This double chocolate cake did not have Oreos.
My ice cream pie does.

(8) I love going to the movies especially Pixar and Disney movies. They always make me cry. 
My favorites are Wall-E and Up. I recently went to see Brave and I was just amazed with the scenery in that movie.

 The love story in Up without words always makes me cry.

(9) I had my knee rebuilt two summers ago and I can't do some things anymore. One crucial thing that I have found that I can't do is squat down to look under furniture. This comes in handy when you knock a whole bag of marbles in the floor and can't pick them up. I'm sure it looked incredibly funny trying to see me pick up all those marbles.

This is how I spent the whole summer of 2010 since I couldn't bend my knee. See that look on my face. I was not happy! One thing I learned during the experience is that it is almost impossible to do anything when you can't bend your knee (examples: going to the bathroom, taking a shower, sitting in a sit at the movies, sitting in the car, carrying a plate of food, and many other things). I'm so glad that it's over with now!

(10) My favorite TV show is the Big Bang Theory. I watch it almost every day and it still cracks me up.

If you watch Big Bang Theory, then you will understand this.

My favorite summer shows are So You Think You Can Dance and Design Star.

Thanks for hosting Amy!


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  2. Courtney,
    I am a huge fan of yours and I really enjoyed reading about you inside and out! I think it's fun to see how our lives are different outside of the classroom. Most of the memebers in my family are huge Michigan State Fans. My dad sounds a lot like yours. He says that if he gets cut, he'll bleed green blood! He was very active in their booster program and still (at the age of 90) attends as many activities as he can. However he doesn't like to go to the games as much anymore as the fans all seem to crazy to him! (of course it's the fans, and not my dad!!!! ha ha!!)
    Enjoy the last few weeks of summer. . . you know it has to come to an end sometime. . . boo hisss!
    Second In Line

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    2. Hey Patty! Thanks so much! You are so sweet! Our dads do sound alike. Most of the people in our section have sat there for a while so they aren't crazy fans. There are some though that I even think are too crazy because they yell the most insane things. I wish we could vote some of them out of our section like a reality show.

  3. Oh your baked goodies look SO good! I love anything with oreos!! I also love HGTV designstar! I am also a huge House Hunters fan from HGTV also. It was great getting to know more about you! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. I love Design Star too! But I am so far behind in the series! :(
    Teaching in Valley

  5. I can so sympathize about your knee issues. I had 3 knee surgeries in the course of 5 years. I lived in the mobilizer for so long. It was so hard to get use to finally have movement in my knee after the last surgery. Definitely no fun! Glad I found your blog! Look forward to reading your posts.

    Elizabeth L.
    The First Grade Jungle Room

  6. Oh my goodness, your UT football love sounds like my husband! He eats, sleeps, and breathes Tennessee football! I bought him tickets in the end zone for the Chickfila Kickoff in Atlanta this year for his wedding present! I can't believe your dad won biggest fan! That's awesome!!

    Elementary Adventure

  7. Courtney, this is so cool. I loved reading more about you! Who knew? I too love baking and John Mayer he-he. I jumped in yesterday and posted about myself, strange isn't it!

    Emma - Clever Classroom :)

  8. I forgot to ask, are you on Pinterest? I would love to follow you.

    Emma - Clever Classroom :)

    1. Hey Emma! I am on Pinterest. On the left side of my blog, there is a blue P under Connect with Me. That links to my boards.

  9. Ahh, Javy Lopez...I remember going to my first Braves game in 8th grade (had NEVER seen the Braves before). All the girls were crazy about Chipper, but I saw Javy and that was it. He was mine!

    The Dalton Gang

  10. We are big UT fans too! Where do you live in Tennessee? I'm loving all your amazing giveaways! :)


  11. I love The Big Bang Theory! That picture makes me happy. :)

  12. I love The Big Bang Theory! I sing Soft Kitty to my cats sometimes :)


  13. I am also a HUGE Tennessee Vols fan!!! Heather and I have given you some BLOG Awards!! Stop by to pick them up!!

    Juli and Heather

  14. Just found you, but I too, STILL have a huge crush on Javy!!!


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