Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Monday

It's Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin' and I'm linking up to share my must-haves for school.

(1) An Activboard
I miss mine like crazy! I never realized how much I rely on my Activboard until I don't have one. Yeah, I'm still waiting for mine to be moved but I was told today that it might get moved this week. I really hope so! I love my Elmo too but I can't use it since my projector hasn't been moved. Fingers crossed!

(2)  My Scotch personal laminator
I love, love, love my laminator. I can't say it enough. This thing is awesome. It laminates so much thicker than my school laminator and makes the papers look so much better.

(3) Mac computers
I love Macs. They are so easy to use and make my life so much easier. I'm one of the people at my school who fixes other teachers' computers and I can't even begin to fix a PC now. Luckily, almost everyone at my school has a Mac.

(4) My Erin Condren lesson planner and life planner. Amazing!

(5) Post it notes. I can never have too many and I use them for everything.
(6) Most importantly, I need coffee to make it through the day. I get to schools super early so this is a necessity.
I love Starbucks but I don't get it every day. Iced coffee and chai tea is my favorite.

I can't wait to see your must-haves. I could go on and on but I'm going to stop here. Happy blog hopping!


  1. That lesson planner looks awesome! Wish it wasn't so expensive!

  2. Uhm..YES Coffee is def. a must!! I get to school early too and have a starbucks right across the street from my school so I was spending wayyy to much money there. Invest in a keurig, I have saved so much money and it's SO GOOD! Also, I'm with you on the scotch laminator. Isn't it so convenient being able to laminate and cut while in the comfort of your own home?!

  3. Since you are a fellow MAC user maybe you can help me out...mine will not open google docs. When I try to click download in google docs to open a file it says it had too many redirects....:( Also what program do you use in MAC to create your documents that will open on a PC for others?

  4. I am so tempted to get a Mac. They are more expensive but I do hear they're worth it. I got an iPad and I'm afraid it was my gateway into the Mac world. I do feel like I'd be cheating on my PC though. This post definitely put some more pros in the Mac column!!!!

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