Thursday, October 4, 2012

Currently October

 I love the book "What Was I Scared Of?" I love to see how my students react to the twist at the end. I also like this book because it is one of Dr. Seuss' shorter books. Some of his books make my mouth hurt from all the words. 

I'm linking up with Farley for her monthly Currently linky party. I love reading these!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday! It was a good day. I got sung to about 10 times by my students until I finally told them that they didn't have to sing anymore. They decided to sing "Rocky Top" to me instead. My parents surprised me by sending me flowers at school.

Aren't they pretty? I love calla lilies so these were perfect. I had a great day at school (no meetings! Yeah!) and had a wonderful birthday dinner.

Hope you have a great Friday friends!


  1. You are lucky to have FALL break.....we don't have any big breaks until Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time off when you get it!!
    -Lovely Nina
    Lovely Little Learners

    1. We have 2 days off. We used to have a week but that got cut out when some parents wanted to start school later in August. I guess 2 days is better than nothing!

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  3. Yummmm, the pie sounds good. I just love your blog design. If I didn't choose butterflies, I might have chosen fish. ;)
    The Learning Metamorphosis

  4. Happy belated Birthday!! I am also an October baby =) Those flowers are beautiful!

    The Resource Room Teacher

    1. Thank you Ashley! Happy birthday month to you too!

  5. Happy belated birthday. Love the flowers.
    Any special plans for your fall break?
    My Second Sense

  6. Happy Birthday! I LOVE that they chose to sing "Rocky Top" to you. Best song! I would love to go to the Braves game as well, but I have to live closer to do that. Hopefully, we'll be moving up north soon. Beautiful flowers!

    The Teacher's Backpack

  7. Happy Birthday!!!
    You cracked me up about how Dr Seuss' words can hurt your mouth! Ha!

  8. Happy Birthday! Callas are my favorite! I had them in my wedding, and they turned out beautiful! :)

    Sensational Seconds

  9. OH I missed your birthday! :( Happy Birthday! I used to be a big Braves fan back in the day. I had a Braves alarm clock and bedspread. Can you say tomboy? Once they weren't on TBS so much, it was hard to keep up with them. I'm glad that you had a great birthday!
    Fourth and Ten
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  10. Happy birthday! I turned the big 3-0 on Monday. :) Not so sure I like it yet. ;)

    First with Franklin


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