Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DonorsChoose Wants to Help

I was contacted by Anna at yesterday to help them get the word out to teachers who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  They really want to help out teachers who may have lost supplies and materials at school. If you haven't used DonorsChoose before, it's super easy and you can request whatever you are needing. I've had several projects funded through them but nothing as crucial as what teachers in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy are needing.

Below you will find the directions from Anna at

Register on, shop for classroom supplies you need, and write a short description of how those supplies will help your students. Then, donors will fund your requests, and will ship supplies directly to your classroom.

Here are examples of supplies you can request:

·         School supplies, like paper, pencils, books, calculators, microscopes
·         Snacks for your students, like granola bars, water, and juice
·         Clothing for your students, like socks and t-shirts
·         Safety equipment, like first aid kits and flashlights
·         Classroom furniture, like portable heaters, desks, chairs, rugs, bookshelves

It will take you about 30 minutes to create a request at Get started at, and click “Get Started”. Make sure to mention how your classroom was impacted by Hurricane Sandy. If you have a photo of your school or classroom after the storm, please upload it.

All public school teachers are eligible to use For more information on eligibility, read this FAQ in the Help Center.

If you haven't been affected by Hurricane Sandy, you can also create a project for your classroom using the instructions above.

At the end of the week, DonorsChoose is going to ask donors to help out teachers affected by Hurricane Sandy. You can help during this too. Any and all monetary donations will help teachers and students heal from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.  I'll provide more information on this later on in the week.

Thanks for all your consideration! If you post a project for your classroom that was affected by Hurricane Sandy, please leave me a comment below with a link to your project. I will promote it to help you get it funded.

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  1. DonorsChoose is such a great organization! I've had several projects funded, and I hope that these teachers get the donations/materials they need!!


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