Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 in '12

I'm joining the fabulous ladies at "Miss Kindergarten" and "A Teeny Tiny Teacher' for the 12 in 12 linky party. Here are 12 of my favorite things!

(12) Favorite movie you watched

I absolutely loved the "Hunger Games" books and the movie was just as good. I usually can't watch a movie more than once but I've already watched this movie several times.

I'm really looking forward to "Les Miserables" I know all the words to the songs because I've seen the musical so many times. However, I will not be singing it in the theater just cause that drives me crazy when people do that. 
(11) Favorite TV series

I love "Big Bang Theory" and "Modern Family" but my favorite series this year was "Scandal."
Do you watch it? It completely sucked me in.

(10) Favorite restaurant

My favorite new restaurant is Tupelo Honey. I went over Fall Break to Asheville to eat there and now we have one in Knoxville. Yummy! You have to go there if you go to Asheville or come to Knoxville. The wait is quite long but it's worth it. 

 I mean c'mon look at those biscuits with homemade jam and honey. That's what they give you before your food comes. And the okra is too die for too!

(9) Favorite new thing you tried

This would have to be BragTags from imagestuff. The kids love them so much and I can get them to do about anything for BragTags.

(8) Favorite gift you got

I had my 30th birthday this year and I was surprised with my favorite flowers at school. The arrangement was gorgeous!

(7) Favorite thing you pinned
How can I pick just one? I love Pinterest. 
 One of my favorite things I've bought after seeing it on Pinterest are wreaths from twoinspireyou on Etsy. This is the one I have for Christmas. It's gorgeous in person and it also has a little sparkle.

I got this one for the fall. I have gotten tons of compliments on it.

(6) Favorite blog post
My favorite blog post was my "Show Off Your Space" linky party. I had lots of entries and I love peeking into other people's classrooms. I saw lots of things that I wanted to do in my classroom. You can view the linky party by clicking on the picture above.

(5) Best accomplishment

I was named "Teacher of the Month" for this December by a local radio station. It was such an honor because one of my kid's parents nominated me and wrote the sweetest letter. That really made my month because I was beginning to feel completely burned out.

(4) Favorite picture

 No, that's not me. That's my beautiful sister-in-law. This is my favorite picture because I am going to be an aunt soon and I am super excited about it.

(3) Favorite memory

 I got to see Chipper Jones last home game. I've grown up watching the Braves so it was good to see his send off.

(2) Goal for 2013
 Leave school earlier. I spend way too much time at school and I need to have some "me" time, like going to the gym or cooking dinner. My goal is to leave school earlier than normal. I'm not going to say what time because I know I won't always make a certain time but I want to leave earlier than I normally do. 

(1) One little word
Why's that my word? Honestly, I'm completely burned out. I wish I could just teach the kids but all the other things keep piling on. It's seems all I'm doing lately is testing and filling out forms. I hate that that's what teaching has become but I'm hoping it will get better. I love my class this year and they make it so much easier!


  1. There's a cookbook out at Barnes and Noble of the cafe! :) Ive never been, but am only 3 hours from Asheville, so I will have to make a day trip :)


  2. I can't wait for Les Miserables, too! I'm a huge musical theatre fan, and I love that show! Thanks for the "persevere"! School has been so crazy lately, it's hard to find time to teach. Hang in there!

    Elementary Matters

  3. I too can't wait for Les Miserables. I think I'm going to have to go on Christmas day. I LOVE LOVE the Wreaths. They look absolutely beautiful!

  4. I'm dying to see Les Miserables too! I loved reading this and I love your one little word!

  5. I go to Asheville every summer {all the way from New Jersey!!}...we spend the whole day hiking, just so we can eat at all the wonderful restaurants at night {guilt-free}, and Tupelo Honey is one of my faves!!! That jam is no joke!

    We were actually in Asheville two years ago when Hunger Games was shooting, and we met the producer and several members of the crew. Pretty cool!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade


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