Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Sale and New Finds

It's the end of the month and it's almost my birthday! To celebrate, I am holding a sale in my TPT store. Click on the picture to head to my store.

In other news, I hate teaching quotation marks. They are so hard for 2nd graders. This week, quotation marks was one of our skills and I was about to pull my hair out teaching it one day. I think most of my kiddos finally got it yesterday and this video is why. BEWARE!!! This song will stick in your head all day long!

I found a great website when I was perusing Pinterest for more noun ideas for next week.  I just saw that there is a subscription fee for some of the services but I think the nouns activities are free. The video is very cute!

I found some great pens at Target and they are only $3.99 for the entire set. I love these pens! They write wonderfully and I love all the colors.

Anything new that you are loving right now???

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I love football. I'm from the South so it's like a way of life down here. I'm so excited to introduce my new football themed center pack. This is one of my favorite packs that I have created. I know my kiddos are going to love it and I know your students will too. My goal for centers and games is that they are pretty self explanatory. I have included some different adaptions for the different centers to challenge your higher kids or to provide different options for you.
Here are some images from the unit:

You can find this unit in my TPT store.

I have this unit marked down until Tuesday morning so grab you a copy today or tomorrow.

The first person who can guess my favorite football player will win this pack for free. Good luck!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Academic feedback freebie

I absolutely hate grading papers! I was so glad to see on some blogs this week that other teachers feel the same way. I put it off pretty much all week. My kiddos don't do much daily work, just a morning sheet and a math sheet which we do mostly together, so there's really not much to grade. I know that I should check their work more often but I forget most of the time.
I've decided to make academic feedback an area that I will work on strengthening this year. In our school system, academic feedback must be specific and written. We can give feedback orally but our evaluators are looking for the written feedback. So I made a quick sheet to use with their daily work to help me remember to give the feedback to my students.

Click on the picture to download a copy.

 I still read it to them and point out examples in their work. I ran these on colored paper, chopped them in half, and stapled one page to their work.

When I was grading their work, I came across this cute answer for "Write about something that you would like ten of." So sweet! I just love reading what they write.

I am so excited that tomorrow is an inservice day so I can get some things done in my classroom. This week has been exhausting!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reading Response Journal 2 freebies and Football Blues

I'm in a bit of a funk today. My Vols completely fell apart yesterday and lost to the Gators. Ugh! One of my friends is a Gator fan and now I have to hear about it for another year. Boo! Knoxville is an exciting, busy place on football Saturdays. Yesterday, it was crazy. I hadn't seen so many people at a game in forever and it was sooo loud. But we lost so then it was really quiet.

My kiddos had fun making the football players and cheerleaders from Teri at A Cupcake for the Teacher. I changed them up a bit to make them look like the Tennessee players. They turned out so cute. We tested almost all week (like 3-4 hours a day) so this was a welcome break from the testing.

After I was in a bad mood because of the game, I was putting my leftovers from lunch in my refrigerator and a container of French onion soup fell out. The bottom of the container busted and French onion soup was all over my kitchen floor. I've already mopped 4 times since then and it's still sticky and smells like onions.

I did have some good news today. My Donor's Choose project for science resources from my classroom was funded.  The people at Daily Kos (a blog that was unfamiliar to me) pick a science project each week and their readers try to get it funded. It was amazing how fast it was funded! I am so excited to get some hands-on materials and science books. I love Donor's Choose!!!

In other news, I have finished the response journal prompts for Unit 2 in Treasures. I think my kiddos are getting so much better at responding to their reading and rewording the question in their answers.

Here's a couple of samples:

There are 10 total prompts included and  you may be able to use them without using Treasures. 

Please leave me a comment if you grab them so I know how many people are using them and if I will continue to put them on my blog. 

I am leaving you with a sneak preview of my next unit. It's a group of games for centers or extra practice. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Community Helpers freebie

Hello friends! I am popping by today to share a little freebie with you for community helpers. We read about firefighters last week so we talked a bit about community helpers. Since tomorrow is September 11th, you could also use it to talk about heroes in the community.

I had my kiddos write about how each person helps the community. It worked out great because we are taking a field trip tomorrow to Safety City where the kids learn about fire and road safety.  

The last part of the week, I will be testing all morning. Not fun! Let's just say that Friday can't get here soon enough! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Questions Answered

I thought I'd take the time today to answer some questions I get asked frequently. Maybe these answers will help some of you out.

1. What program do you use to create your units? 
I am a Mac girl so I use Pages and sometimes Keynote. Pages and Keynote are both very user friendly. Believe me, if you try them, you won't go back to Office.

2. How do you organize your games and activities?
This is always a work in progress for me. At this point in the year, we do most of the games whole group. After we have finished playing the games, I place them in a folder or envelope and put them in a basket where the kids can play them again when their work is done. When there are quite a few games in the baskets, I take out the old ones. I bought tubs for each unit but I haven't begun to organize these yet. Moving classrooms put me behind this year.

My room still doesn't look like in the picture. This was right after I moved.

3. I can't open something that I purchased from you. What do I do?
Most often, this is because you don't have an unzipping program on your computer. Many of my files are in a zip format. You need an unzipping program to open the file. You can download a free one for a Mac or PC with Winzip.
This will unzip the file and open the PDF.

4. My PDF has black bars through it. How can I get rid of them?
You need to update Adobe Reader. They release updates quite often so this usually causes the bars. After you update, the bars should be gone.

5. I bought a unit from you. Can I share it with my grade level?
One purchase is good for one classroom. Most sellers on TPT and Teacher's Notebook have the same policy. I don't feel like many buyers are aware of this because they don't read the Terms of Use. If you share with your team, you are violating copyright. You can share with your grade level by contacting the seller and asking for a multi-user license. 
If you appreciate someone's work, show them by not sharing with others. It really hurts our stores when you do. I know personally that I spend hours creating each resource and when people share, it doesn't value the time and effort spent creating resources. I've had one person email my Common Core Standards to their entire district. That's just not cool!

Okay, that's all for now. I'm off to a cookout in the rain. Have a happy Labor day friends!