Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flashback Post: Polar Bears

Since I have quite a few new followers, I thought I would lead you to a popular post from last year. This time of year, I love teaching about polar bears. The kids love them and they are so engaged in the lessons.
Last year, I did a week's worth of polar bear activities. I am going to try to jam that into the rest of this week but I may have to carry over into next week, mostly because I get a little carried away.

I love looking for books at the public library. They found some great ones to really extend my polar bear unit. I found these next two at the library.

I have this book in my classroom library. Love it!

My kids were fascinated by Knut last year. This book has lots of words but the photographs are great!

 We started off our unit by listing our polar bear schema. After we had read several books about polar bears, we revisited the facts the kids wrote and moved some to misconceptions. We also did this Polar Bear map and you can find it free on my original post. Click the image above to grab a copy.
This was one of my favorite crafts from last year. They turned out so cute. I had the kids write facts about polar bears (hello informational writing!) and we made the writing paper into a polar bear. I have these templates available for free too on my original post. Click on the image above to download.

Hope this helps you with your planning!


  1. These are great book picks! I love Gail Gibbons! The polar bear writing is so cute :)
    Learning In Wonderland

  2. The boys in my class love learning about animals. I need to buy more animal books. Your books look like great choices.


    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  3. I love teaching about Polar Bears! You're right, the kids are so fascinated with them! Thanks for sharing, Knut, I'd like to share him with the class!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  4. Courtney-you rock! I just watched a fascinating book on You Tube on the relationship with polar bears and their cubs-amazing!


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