Saturday, March 2, 2013

Planning Ahead for April

I went ahead and got my April center packs done this weekend. If you are like me, it takes forever to get everything laminated and cut out. Even with a month of time, I seem to be cutting everything out at the last minute. March is going to be a crazy month so I know that this will probably be happening again as I get my April centers ready.

This month I decided to do 12 centers instead of 10 because my higher kids were getting done with their centers earlier in the month. Twelve is usually enough to keep them busy.

You can find this pack in my TPT store. Click on any of the images to head over to my TPT store.


  1. This looks great! It has many of the skills that we will be working on in March and April.

    ~Diving Into Learning

  2. I LOVE your packets. I purchased another spring stations one....but this looks WAY better. I think I'm going to purchase this one instead. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  3. Thanks for adding plural possessives!

  4. How cute, love your blog. WE are from Tennessee too. We're just getting started in this world of blogging. Stop by and visit sometime when you get a chance.

    Kristy and Misty


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