Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reading Street and a Great Giveaway

My district has chosen to adopt Reading Street 2013 for this upcoming school year. I am trying to get myself somewhat familiar with it before school starts. For all of you who have Reading Street, I have made words cards for the high frequency words and the amazing words.

Here are the high frequency word cards:
 Font from Kimberly Geswein

Here are the amazing word cards:
  Font from Kimberly Geswein

If you are a follower of my blog, feel free to click on the images to download. If you are not a follower, please follow my blog before downloading.

Have you seen this amazing giveaway going on this week? Make sure you check it out. I'm part of the giveaway on Thursday along with many other bloggers.


  1. Thanks! Our district just started using the 2013 Reading Street in Second Grade this year so these word cards will be great to add to our collection! Good luck!!


  2. Hi, Our district adopted Reading Street too! Thank you so much for these downloads!! I am moving to second this year and extra help will settle my nerves & overwhelmed feeling at the beginning of the year. Jump starting now sure helps the burden.
    Thank you!!

  3. boo!! we went with journey's....I'm so bummed...I have all your treasures, what am I going to do now!? haha!


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