Monday, July 22, 2013

10 Things I've Learned from Teaching

I'm linking up with Miss Kindergarten's fun linky party to share 10 things that I've learned from teaching. 

(1) Beware of sneezes. I've gotten really good at knowing when a sneeze is coming and turning away. My first few years of teaching I was constantly sick. 
Funny story: My first year teaching, a student sneezed on me. I encouraged him to cover his mouth when he sneezes because he could get me sick if he sneezes on me. So he said, "Yeah, if you're sick, we'll have to get a prostitute."  I didn't know what to say to that but we did learn the word "substitute" that day.

(2) "Hanitizer" is very important. No matter how many classes I've had, they always call hand sanitizer "hanitizer." It's cute so I don't correct it!

(3) You could tell your students a million times that I always starts with a capital letter but they won't remember or they will capitalize every word that starts with an i. Ugh! It kills me every year!

(4) You are not going to get everything done. Something that I think will take a short amount of time always ends up taking forever and I've learned not to stress about it. 

(5) Technology will not work when you most need it to.  Have a back up plan.

(6) Don't feel pressure to teach exactly like everyone else. Develop your own style and embrace it. I teach totally different than some of my teammates and that is okay.

(7) Create a good relationship with your  teammates. They are my lifeline at times and I love working with them. We balance each other out. Plus they make staff meetings more bearable. 
So true!

(8) Don't lug all your work home just to leave it in the car. Leave it at school. Your back will thank you!

(9)  Take some time for yourself. Teaching is a never ending job and it's important to have some time where you aren't thinking about your classroom.

(10) Realize that you are the most stable part of the day for some of your kiddos. Love them and appreciate their little personalities. 

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  1. OMG! A prostitute! How funny! That's a story you will never forget!


    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. My kids call it HANITIZER too! That's so funny! I call it "han san" sometimes! That's hilarious! It's definitely not just your kids!

  3. It is sad but true about Technology. It actually drives me crazy..Always have a back up plan though..and pray you are not going to get a sudden observation! lol


  4. I always lug a bag of stuff home! It actually makes it into my house, but then sits there until morning when I lug it right back! I will not take anything home this year! We'll see...

    1. I've stopped carrying stuff home, except of Fridays for weekend work.
      I call my backpack my "dog." So when I would carry it back and forth to school, I was taking the dog for a walk.

  5. OMG. I'm dying over here laughing at that e card!!! Love it.

  6. Love it! Prostitute! HAAAA!

    Great top ten and I totally agree!

    Cowan's Pre-K Caterpillars


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