Monday, September 23, 2013

Guided Reading Tools

I'm linking up with my friend Jen from The Teacher's Cauldron to share my favorite Guided Reading tools.

 I have to admit that guided reading is the part of the day when I feel least confident. I think it traces back to me never seeing a guided reading group during my student teaching. So once I started teaching, I had no idea what to do. I've learned a lot through the years but I still feel like there is so much to learn especially with close reading and the Common Core.

I'm gonna back up and bit and talk about my guided reading organization. I somehow managed to only have 3 reading groups this year. This is the first year for that and I love being able to spend a little bit more time with each group. I have a fourth group plate ready in case I need to readjust as the year goes on. Also, sometimes I use the time for a fourth group to call back students who need extra help in a skill that we didn't work on in their reading group time.

I bought these plastic drawers at Target. (By the way, I'm obsessed with organizational items.) I use them to store materials for each reading group. This is right behind my reading table so it's easy for me to get to before each group.

Each child has their own reading group bag with their name on it. I store these in the plastic drawers from above. In the bag, there is a dry erase marker, whiteboard, and a highlighter.  We usually work on word building on Mondays so these bags come in handy.

I've been meaning to put some felt in the bags to use as erasers but I keep forgetting. Right now, we are using these dusters that I got at the Dollar Tree. My students love using these and they erase really well. 

 Another thing that really comes in handy for reading groups is my stand up pocket charts. I got several at Target a few years ago. They are perfect for storing my key word cards for the phonics lesson. They are also great for showing students key vocabulary words they may see in the text they are reading.

I'm horrible thinking of questions on the spot. My school bought each teacher this flip book a few years ago and it really comes in handy. It's fairly small so it's easy to store and it's great for helping with questioning. I think it's around a $1 and we got them at The School Box. 

I am also a Post-It note fanatic. I love the Post-It easels for quick writing at reading groups. 

The smaller version is perfect for the reading group table. 

I can't wait to read the other posts and find some great ideas. 

What are your favorite tools for guided reading?

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  1. oooh - I like the smaller version of the post it note easel! thanks for linking up friend!

  2. I do pretty much the same thing. I do have 5 group of 6, so it is a bit more complicated. I LOVE reading with every student every day, well at least that is my goal. I rotate activities such as listening center, journal work and word sorts. I also use the computers for typing and spelling practice. Sometime I have a parent that can help me so I integrate a game or mini art project.
    Somethings I keep handy are wipe boards, index cards for new vocabulary words, (we keep a mini vocab word wall) and stickies. If I get a chance I will share a pic too. Thanks for sharing! Groups is such a huge part of CC.

  3. You have 18 students!! And 3 groups!!
    My 2nd grade class has 27 children and ~6 groups!!
    You ARE blessed!

  4. Me too dteach. I have 6 groups of 5 with 30 students in second.


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