Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently + Morning Routine Printables

September is here and it's time for another Currently. It finally decided to turn hot this week after we've already gone back to school. I went to the UT football game this weekend and it was so hot and humid. I'm ready for some fall weather!

I think my Currently has a major theme that I'm tired and so glad to have a long weekend!  I'm enjoying watching the Today Show this morning and drinking my coffee. 

My three things for myself are some things that I need to do to take some time for myself. That's so hard to do with the back to school rush but I'm going to try. I really want to get back to the gym. I've missed it so much since I broke my ankle and the doctor has given me the okay to do the recumbent bike. I hope to be back to spin class soon!
I told myself that I was going to leave school earlier this year. It hasn't happened much yet but I think things will start slowing down soon. 
My last thing is reading. I love to read but I just don't make any time for it during the school year. I'm going to try to read some during the week to give my mind a break from school.

I'm adding something new to my store today after several requests for it.  I've been trying to upload all morning with no success so I hope to have it up sometime today.

Update: It's now posted!

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  1. Super cute Morning Routine pages!!!!
    And...I'm with you on the planning part!
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  2. Good morning!! I enjoyed reading your "Currently"! We've been back in school for the last two weeks and I completely understand your "theme". Teaching is EXHAUSTING, isn't it?? But, it can be satisfying at the same time...especially during those holiday breaks and summer months! Have a great day and year!

  3. Hey Courtney, I found your blog through Farley's currently link up. I teach Grade 7-10 in Manitoba, Canada. I'm glad to hear you are taking advantage of the day off and relaxing. For us, school starts tomorrow so this is the start of our busy time!
    Good luck with everything this year :)

    Mrs. T
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

  4. Oh my goodness… Great minds certainly do think alike! I Included a picture of my morning routine circles just this weekend on my blog and they are almost exactly like yours - clipart included! And here I thought I was being so creative :-) ~ Lisa


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