Sunday, January 26, 2014

Visual Plans (Jan. 27-31)

I'm back this Sunday to share my visual plans for the week. Last week, I had them almost finished and got so busy cleaning my house that I didn't totally finish them.

Let's just say that last week was crazy. The only day that I had any planning time during school was Friday so I don't feel extremely prepared for this week. I'm going to have another crazy week this week with morning bus duty, math night, and lots of other things going on. I am praying for a snow day mostly just to get out of bus duty! 

In reading this week, I am teaching plot and theme. Plot is no trouble but theme has been throwing me for a loop when planning. I did find a great idea on Megan's blog I Teach. What's your SuperPower. She used the Values billboards that you have probably seen everywhere to introduce the concept. Genius, I tell you! She had her kiddos draw a billboard with a favorite character and a theme. Click here to check that out.

Amanda Nickerson also has a theme activity in her "Charlotte's Web" unit and I will probably use it later on as a review of theme.  Click here to view her unit.

 I am reading these books this week.

We are starting to learn about adverbs this week. I am also planning to do some research on penguins using Amy Lemon's penguin unit. Click here to see it.

Some great adverb books are:

In math, we are spending the week on fractions. I love teaching fractions and wish we could do it a little longer than 1 week. So I am packing in all my favorite activities.

I love these books for teaching fractions.

In unit, we will be learning about penguins and combining that study with our writing.  I love teaching about penguins. I have lots and lots of books about penguins and it's hard to read them all in a week but I'm going to try.

So that's my week in a nutshell. What are you teaching this week?

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  1. I look forward to your posts so much. One main reason is the book suggestions. I always try to go out and get the ones you mentioned when I am teaching that concept. Thanks so much.


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