Sunday, February 23, 2014

Famous Americans and Visual Plans (Feb. 24-28)

It's Sunday so it's time for visual plans. Last week was a whirlwind with our late Valentine's celebration, Famous Americans parade and wax museum, and the first week back after 3 snow days.

Every year in 2nd grade, my team has our students research a famous American from history. This has been a project that has been going on for years and we have kind of tweaked it over the last few years. I was extremely impressed with my students' costumes this year.

 Here you have Walt Disney (with the Mustache), Muhammad Ali, Sacagawea, and Babe Ruth.
 Orville Wright, Dr. Virginia Apgar, Sacagawea, and Rosa Parks
Betsy Ross, Jackie Robinson, Lucille Ball, and John Wayne

We always do a parade for the rest of the school so everyone can see. I teach at a small primary school (only Pre-K- 2nd grade) so my students are the oldest ones in the school. It is great to show the upcoming students what to expect when they are in 2nd grade.

At home, the students have to do a report on their chosen Famous American. We kinda changed the format this year so it would be easier to incorporate with the Wax Museum. During the Wax Museum, students have to present several facts about their person to parents and other classes. We put red circles on each students' desk and they come to life when the circle is pressed.

Click on the images to download the pages.

 This is the rubric that I use to grade the project.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive unit, Amanda's unit looks fabulous.

Now onto the visual plans. 

This week, our reading series is teaching Fact and Opinion again. So I'm throwing in some other skills that we haven't hit much this year.

 There are quite a few freebies in this file so be sure to download the file to grab them. And leave me a comment if you do.

We are also working on our Abraham Lincoln research project. Last week was so crazy that we didn't get started.

I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills to share my plans. Go check out her linky.

Have a great week!

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  1. Love the rubric! Thanks! We did biography reports, too. Not really a wax museum, but we did do a presentation. I was struggling to come up with a rubric for the students. Struggling with time to do it, that is! This will be perfect for next year.

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  2. Great as always! I teach overseas with a very open curriculum so I love to see what you are up to to know that my students are on par when they return to the states and that I am spiral reviewing enough. Thanks!


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