Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Measuring Love (Freebie)

I have to admit that measurement is one of my least favorite math units to teach. I don't know why because it is so hands-on and the kids love it. It's also so crucial for my kids because on a recent test that asked what they would measure their feet with miles, inches, or yards, most of my kiddos decided that they needed to look at their feet to decide the answer. I mean, really?? This seems to happen every year.

I have found some great resources to use with measurement. I love these books for teaching measurement.

Hope King has some great measurement activities. I'm using her activity for "How Big is a Foot?" when we go back to school after our snow days are over.

Reagan just posted this goodie last weekend and I snatched it up. The posters in this unit are great and are so kid friendly.

We will also be using Amanda's Measurement Madness game as a small group activity.

I've made a measurement freebie for you that is just perfect for Valentine's day or anytime, really. In this freebie, students use hearts (I've included some in the pack) or  Conversation hearts to measure objects. There is a recording sheet where they compare this measurement to measuring with paper clips and snap cubes. I've also included a blank page if you choose to measure other things. The objects are also included as cards.

Click on the image above to head to TPT to download. If you download, please leave me some love on TPT. 

In other Valentine news, I made my Valentine bag yesterday that the kiddos were going to make today. We are having a huge snowstorm right now so we were out of school today and tomorrow. If we are in school on Friday, they will make them that morning but I think they are going to turn out so cute. I love the polka dot bags from Hobby Lobby. I got some plain colors too for those boys who would hate the polka dots.

(FYI - This is not my idea. I found the image on Pinterest but no link. Please let me know if you know the creator of this. )

Have a great night!

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