Saturday, June 28, 2014

Centers Winner and a New Blog Feature
Congrats to Susan K.
You are the winner of my Back 2 School math centers.
If you didn't win, I marked the centers down until Monday morning so you can get them for a discounted price.

In other news, I've added a new blog feature. You may have noticed it pop up while you were here. It's called CliqueMe and it's a way for you to like the images that I post on the site. If you like an image or want to comment on it, hover your mouse over the image and a little black box with a heart and a speech bubble will pop up in the right corner. Click on that to like or comment.
I think you may have to have an account to do this but it's totally free. I'm trying it out for a while so let me know what you think.

After you join, a black box will show up at the bottom of the screen that shows all the images you have liked or commented on. You can leave this at the bottom of your screen or you can shrink it by clicking on the down arrow on the right tab.

 photo SwimmingintoSecondSignature_zpsdbc444f5.png


Thanks for commenting! Have a blessed day!