Saturday, August 9, 2014

Show Off Your Space linky party

Swimming into Second

It's time for my third Show Off Your Space linky party. Link up with me to share photos of your classroom. All I ask is that you include the image above and link back to this post. I've added a direct code for the image that you can just put in the HTML code of your blog and it links right to me. Any linked blogs that don't include the image or link back will be deleted. If you don't have a blog, link up with the #showoffyourspace2014 on Instagram. You can also tag me @swimmingintosecond in the photo.

So here's my classroom. I decided the keep the owl theme for one more year. I really wanted to do a superhero theme but I had too much invested in the owls to change so quickly. So, I decided to include some owl superheroes.

Here's a panorama of my room. 

This is my behavior board. The rule templates are from Nicole Blunt's Rainbow Bright Chalkboard pack. Number template from Erica Bohrer's Back to School Organizational pack.

Love my owl baskets from Target!

This is my front bulletin board. The owls are in a pack I bought from Pink Cat Studio. The owls in the pack weren't the right colors for my room so I traced them on my Activboard. Then, I colored them in with chalk pastels. My school's laminating machine almost ruined them but Office Depot saved the day. I made the student names with my Silhouette. (Please ignore the clutter in front of the board. This was from a few days ago.)

This is my classroom entrance. The bookshelf is cleared in this photo. The birthday chart  and clock lablels are also from Pink Cat Studio.

 Another view of my classroom entrance.

 My small group reading area. I made the banner above my curtains with Silhouette. I used the same paper that I used for my work board. Love how this turned out!

This is the back view of my classroom. The desks are set up for Meet the Teacher night.

Love my work board! The scrapbook paper looks great and I was able to fit 21 pieces on my bulletin board. The alphabet is from Ladybugs Teacher Files.

My word wall and classroom library. Unfortunately, I didn't get any other good pictures of my classroom library. I'll take some more shots this week.

I would love for you to link up to share pictures of your classroom. If you link up, be sure to link to a direct post with your classroom photos. Also, you will need to include the link up image with a link pack to this post or your post will be deleted.

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  1. I love the owl theme so much! Your room looks wonderful :) Thank you for hosting this linky! I was looking forward to taking a peek at everyone's classroom and linking up with you!

  2. I love how you tied the owls in with superheros! I am so excited about teaching 2nd grade this year :) I'll be following you for new ideas!

  3. I swoon over those little Owl faced baskets from Target every time I see them! Super owls is such a fun twist on two themes!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  4. Is thia link up just for primary/elementary grades, or is it for anyone that wants to participate. I teach high school...

  5. Love the owl theme and your classroom. One of the teachers on my team wants to have an owl theme this year!

    Oodles of Teaching Fun

  6. Your room is so fun. I love your work display and do I spy lockers in the hallway!? I would LOVE for all my kids crap to not be in my classroom! :) Have a great start of the year.

    Just a Primary Girl

  7. Your classroom is adorable. I love all of the owls and those owl baskets ... adorable! I get so jealous when I see paper on the walls and curtains. I cannot have background paper or curtains because of fire code. My room was painted a boring white this year. Ugh...
    But your class is GREAT!

  8. Great Linky, Coutney! I'm giving a PD for new to K teachers and I'm going to share your link... what better way to get ideas about organizing the classroom?? I hope to link up myself... but giving the PD is delaying my own set up : ( Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  9. What a bright and inviting space. Thanks for hosting this linky! I'm hopping on, it's my very first one! :) Have a wonderful school year.


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