Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week in Review

This past Monday was our 100th day of school. Like I told you before, I never have made this a big deal in 2nd grade but this year I decided to make it a fun day. I was really inspired by Cara Carroll's ideas for the 100th day. For our 100th day, I did have to change it up a bit and not do anything currently done by the first grade teachers. I definitely don't want to hear, "We did this in first grade."

I cut out the digits for 100 and my kiddos created a picture using the numbers.

Their favorite station of the day was stacking 100 cups. This one proved a little difficult for them but they loved the challenge. 

We played a game where the students rolled their way to 100. This is from Cara Carroll's pack here.

My students also loved making a creation with 100 pattern blocks. This one is a guy in space with stars and aliens. 

This week, we had a late arrival day due to some slick roads from a little snow. I thought this craft would be perfect and they turned out so precious. I got the template for this from A Year of Many Firsts.

I just love this one. He drew braces. So cute!

In other news, my school was completely out of white paper for about a week. I don't make too many copies anyway because I don't do many worksheets. Anyways, I decided to improvise this week so I challenged my students when we were learning about polygons. In the challenge. the cafeteria could only serve foods that were polygons. So they had to create a menu of foods that the cafeteria could serve. The kids loved this and it was a bonus that it took little prep time.

How was your week? Here's hoping for some snow days soon!

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  1. You had a busy week! I adore your polygon math menus, Courtney! Such a fun creative idea!

  2. Darling ideas Courtney! The red cups look so fun!! We are celebrating on Thursday! That means only 80 days left of the school year ;)
    Thanks for sharing!! xo


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