Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trashy Crafter Lanyard + Discount

Hi all! I'm dropping by today to share one of my newest loves. If you know me, you know that I love books. I am a bit of a book hoarder. I just moved over spring break and I noticed that most of my boxes were books. I just can't stop myself from buying new books.

 Over the summer, I started following a new craft store on Etsy called "The Trashy Crafter." One reason that I started following this store is because I just loved how Kimberly, the owner, recycled damaged books and made them into unique bracelets. I ended up buying two bracelets and I love wearing them because they are so unique.

 Now Kimberly has branched out making new items from books. She has earrings, necklaces, and lanyards.

Kimberly was kind enough to send me one of her new lanyards. 

 I just love that she recycles paper to make envelopes for her products. 

My lanyard is made from the book "Oh the Thinks You Can Think" by Dr. Seuss. It is so colorful and fun. Plus it is super sturdy. One of my pet peeves about lanyards is how flimsy some of them are. This one is just perfect! 

I have to go back to school tomorrow from spring break (boo!) but I am excited to wear my new lanyard.

 Kimberly has graciously offered a discount code for all my readers. You can get 15% off any item in her store by using the code booklover. Visit her Etsy store to get this great deal and check out all the amazing products she has made.


  1. such a cute idea ;)
    Thank for sharing!!

  2. Great idea! This would be a great activity for an Art Club too! :)

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