Monday, July 13, 2015

Fantastic Target Finds

Hi y'all! I thought I'd share some awesome goodies that I found at Target. I am so not in back to school mode but Target sure is. I decided to go ahead and get a few things because everything gets cleared out so quickly.

Target has some back-to-school books out and I found this new one that I hadn't seen before. I love these Scholastic videos with their books and this one with just back-to-school tales is a winner. 

I love the schedule whiteboard and the small clipboard. I love these dry-erase word strips for small groups.

I love these book sets. I got the 8 blank book sets last year and my kiddos used them to write their own fairy tales. These books are such good quality. The parents in my class were really appreciate of those books.

Here's a bunch of goodies - stickers, birthday things, and certificates. In the background, there are some jars that look like a #2 pencil and a chalkboard. There are also some teal pocket charts that match my room colors. I was so tired of only finding charts in primary colors so I'm loving the blacks and bright colors.

Love these hand pointers and clips. These will be great for hanging up work and I can use my chalk marker to write on them.

How adorable are these signs? My students can't read cursive but I still had to get them anyway. 

Love these different buntings and the BELIEVE banner. The colors of the banner don't really go with my classroom but I couldn't pass this up. The gray letters swayed me. The little notepaper banner is so cute and I can't wait to add that to a bulletin board.

How fun are these erasers? I got a few packs of each. I thought these would be fun for treasure box or the VIP table. The owls are perfect because they go with my classroom theme. I just wish there were a few different colors besides two pinks because I always have more boys in my class. I'm sure most of them wouldn't care for a pink owl. The erasers with the glare are race cars. So cute for boys and girls.
 Not from Target, but equally as fun, these plush characters from Laura Numeroff's books are so adorable. They have the books too if you need them. These are a great deal at $5 each and the money goes to Kohl's Cares.

Anything that you've found at Target or anywhere else that you recommend for back-to-school?


  1. Nice work Courtney!!!
    I going shopping tomorrow now ;)

  2. Thank you! I was thinking about getting those books for our first Social Studies Unit. Georgia Habitats. Having the students to write about each habitat. I think I will get them. Also for our folktale unit. This will be fun.


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