Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Moving Beyond the Workbook: Using Would You Rather Questions

Today I'm presenting to you a way to see if your have grasped a concept without using a worksheet. Some of my favorite writing prompts are Would You Rather questions. Rachel Lynette has some great ones on TPT for seasonal things. I love using them for a quick dicussion or an opinion writing activity. One of my students best writings last year was from her packet - Would you rather be allergic to chocolate or grass? Their responses astounded me with their reasoning.

So I thought..Why can't I use Would You Rather questions to assess if they understand something? I came up with a list of questions for each of our main subject areas for 2nd grade. You may also be able to use these in first grade or third grade.

I've made them a freebie for you if you clicking the image above. Your kind comments on freebies are always appreciated!

Okay, so are you asking, "How can I use this to check what my students know?" Your students must have an adequate grasp of the concepts presented in order to accurately answer the question. If they can't defend their choice, they probably don't know enough about the thing that they chose.

Of course, I don't just expect my students to answer these questions from day one. It's all about modeling. To start, I would show them how to answer a few prompts and let them talk about it with their partner. Then we do a few together and they might do one on their own after Fall Break. In second grade, I'm happy with two reasons for their choice but it all depends on the ability level of your students.

Hope this post gives you some ideas of how to branch out from those worksheets.
After your read my ideas, think of some of your own that I didn't include. Email them to me at or post them here. I'll add them to the list so we have a larger comprehensive list.

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