Sunday, August 2, 2015

My Favorites for the First Week Back

It's August so you know what that means - every teacher is thinking about going back to school. My first inservice day is tomorrow and the kids start back next Monday.

Today, I thought I'd share my favorite back to school resources.
This is one of my new packs to go along with the story, "Chu's First day of School." This is a really cute story and it deals with nervousness over the first day and how everyone is unique.
Love Abby's pack for the first day. My kiddos always love the Jitter Juice poem and recipe. Great way to kick off the year!

Amy's pack is the perfect way to introduce math for the year. I love the Tools vs. Toys lesson and the math puzzles.

This is another of my new packs. Who doesn't love the Pout-Pout fish? This story can be used to talk about how everyone is smart in different ways and perseverance.

Lyndsey always has great ideas and this is a great one for back to school.
"You're Finally Here" is a really cute story. I love Linda's pack for it. I also have some activities for it in my Back to School with Books pack There are some other great activities for a few more back to school books. I particularly love the Splat the Cat activities.

Classroom community is a great thing to build during the first week. Kristen's pack has some great activities. I also love Lyndsey's ideas for building a love of reading in your classroom and encouraging independence.

Kelley's new back to school songs are amazing. And, while we're singing, why not throw in some content specific songs from my Singing through the Year pack.

I love Denise's monthly journals. They are thought-provoking and the kids love writing with these. Stephanie's pack is amazing too. I especially love her activity for "Everyone is Smart." The kiddos really love the bracelets for this.

What are your favorites for the first week back to school?

Don't forget. TPT is having a sale Monday and Tuesday so it would be a great time to stock up on some of these great packs.

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