Tuesday, September 8, 2015

BIC Fight for Your Write 2015

Hello all! I'm dropping by today to share an exciting promotion and some new products from BIC. Through Fight for Your Write, BIC is raising awareness about the importance of writing by hand, and providing parents and educators with information and activities that encourage and inspire writing.


You can even take a pledge to save handwriting on their site. Click on the image above to head there and be entered to win a $1,200 prize pack from BIC. 
The kind people at BIC sent me some of their new  writing supplies to try out.

Check out these colorful and amazing new mechanical pencils. What student wouldn't love to write with one of these??

These #2 pencils are XTRA-Fun because of their two-toned lead but they write just as well as normal pencils.

My favorite product in the pack was these new erasable highlighters. How often do students make mistakes with their highlighting and need to erase? These will really come in handy.

The BIC Tech pens are pens and a stylus in one. How convenient for a busy teacher!!

The last product in the box was the BIC Atlantis pen. I love these pens because they write so well.

Best of all, BIC has donated a prize pack to one of my lucky readers. Enter in the Rafflecopter below.