Sunday, November 29, 2015

TPT Cyber Smile Sale

That's me holding my first puppy, Rosie. I think I was about seven in this picture and I'd lost my front teeth. Have you seen the other childhood pictures of your favorite bloggers? I'm loving them! Thanks for the great idea, Vera (The Tutu Teacher).  

So today, I'd thought I'd show off some of my newer resources or those that often get overlooked.
Last year, I made a few Christmas minilesson packs. Mooseltoe was my favorite. I just added two new minilesson packs so I thought I'd bundle them all. I'll be adding to this pack as I make more minilessons so the price will be going up. If you like the minilessons, snag the pack now and you'll get all the future packs for free.

Character Traits with Moose - click here.
Christmas minilesson bundle - click here.

One of my older packs, Snowmen at Christmas, is one of my favorite older packs. Last year, I added a pack full of Santa activities with several picture books.

Snowmen at Christmas - click here.
Starring Santa - click here.

My fundamental phonics packs always get great feedback. If you loved part number one, check out part number two. I use these packs every week in reading groups and centers to practice those important phonics skills.

Fundamental Phonics Part 1 -click here.
Fundamental Phonics Part 2 -  click here.

My Shoe Snatcher unit is a big seller and it is so fun for the kids. I made another pack that is very similar with hats. If your kiddos loved The Shoe Snatcher, check out The Hat Hijacker. 

The Shoe Snatcher - click here.
The Hat Hijacker - click here.

I get great feedback on my literacy centers. My Common Core review centers are no exception. They focus on almost all the Common Core skills and provide great review throughout the year.

Full of Cheer literacy centers - click here.
Common Core Review literacy centers - click here.

I love using my math centers as a review and they really keep the kiddos busy and engaged. 

Full of Cheer math centers - click here.
Common Core math review centers - click here.

Happy shopping! I'm heading over to fill up my cart right now so it's easy to check out tomorrow. Don't forget to enter the code SMILE to get your extra 10% off.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect (Carson-Dellosa Review)

Hi everybody! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and are enjoying a nice Friday off of school. I'm stopping by today to show off some products that Carson-Dellosa sent me this month.

First up,
This game was a hit with my kiddos. In this game, the students roll two dice - one green and one red. Then, they write 5 words that begin with the letter on the green die and 5 different words that end with the letter on the red die. Whoever gets done first yells, "Honk! Honk!"

Best of all, this game is on sale right now. Click on the product image above to view on Carson-Dellosa.

This game was much more of a challenge than I thought it would be, especially writing words that end with a certain letter. It allowed me to see strategies that some of my students have in spelling words. One of my kiddos wrote homophones for when she was writing words that start with the same letter. I thought that was a great problem solving strategy.

I also received a math workbook from the Kelley Wingate series. This workbook provides great math practice and really challenged some of my students. These worksheets would be great for homework or a challenge activity.

For more information on the Kelley Wingate series, click here

Looking for some easy problem solving activities? These Real World Mats are for you. These mats were really challenging for my enrichment group of kiddos. The mats combine math, reading, science, and other concepts when students answer questions about the pictures.
This is a product that you have to see to really understand.   
Click here to view this product in action.

This last resource provides great practice for students. I really liked using this workbook when I had a sub as it helped my students really practice their skills when I wasn't there. Also, these pages would be great review and practice for homework.

Click here to view the product's video.

Have a great day!

Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bouncy Bands review

Hi everyone! Hope you are destressing and thinking about your blessings. I want to share a fun product that was sent a few weeks ago. This product is called Bouncy Bands. Scott, the CEO, has been an elementary counselor for 18 years so he know something about wiggly children.

These bands are designed for your active learners who may need a little help focusing on their work. I have a few kiddos who could benefit from something that could help them focus so I tried out the Bouncy Band with them.

I used the Bouncy Bands for desks with some of my kiddos. These were so easy to put on the desks and the quality is great. I've moved my students' desks probably 5 times over the time that I've had the Bouncy Bands (it's been one of those years) and the bands do not make moving the desks any more difficult.

My favorite thing about the Bouncy Bands is that they make zero noise. I've had a few students who had things attached to their desk to keep them calm and these things were always so noisy. To me, it's not worth attaching something to the kids' desks if the noise from it is going to drive me crazy.

If you are interested in checking out this product, click on the image below. There's a video there for you to check out the product in action.

Thanks Scott for letting me try out the bands! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Whatcha Reading for Thanksgiving?

Hi everyone! I'm back today to share some of my favorite books to read for Thanksgiving. I found some freebies and activities to go with them.

(Amazon Affliate links included in this post)

Did you know that you can rent this book for free if you have Amazon Prime using the Kindle Lending Library? I love using the resource to borrow some free books.

These books go great with the free Scholastic virtual field trip for Thanksgiving. I love watching these videos every year and the kids always really love them.

I love "If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620." It lists questions that kids might have about the Mayflower and you can just pick and choose what to read. There's no need to read all the way through because it's a long book. "If You Were At the First Thanksgiving" is also great. It doesn't look like it's readily available right now but it's a good one if you can find it.

I love this series of books (Who Was.. and What Was...). These are so informative and easy for kids to read.
I love this freebie from Lory Evans to go along with the Scholastic videos.

Love "'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving!" The kids always have fun with this one.
First Grade WOW

Have you seen this book? It's new to me but oh so cute. It's about two kids who try to escape the family on Thanksgiving to go outside. What kid doesn't dread all the family obligations at Thanksgiving? Best of all, this book is only $1.99 for the digital version right now.

This book is going to be paired with my Scholastic Science Spin for this month.

Happy reading!