Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Check out these Kwik Stix! (giveaway)

Hi everyone! I'm dropping by today to share a new product with you. This product is called Kwik Stix.

Check out the flyer for this product.

This product is designed to make painting easier and less of a mess. The Pencil Grip Co. sent me a set of Kwik Stix to try out in my classroom. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of painting because it's such a mess and it takes so long for all the kids to get a turn. So I was eager to try this new product out.

I was amazed at how easy this product was to use. It's kinda like a glue stick that paints. You just remove the cap and twist up at the bottom to use the paint. The paint even dried incredibly fast. 

Best of all, I am giving a set away. Enter in the Rafflecopter below. Have a great night!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring Break Reading Challenge Freebie

Are you ready for Spring Break? I know I am. My school district has Spring Break next week. I'm ready for a break and I know the kids are. Recess this week (in the 70 degree weather) has been a wild ruckus. However, I do like to encourage my kiddos to keep reading over the break. A reading challenge really helps. I created this challenge last year and shared it on TPT so you might already have a copy.

Click on the picture to download the freebie. Don't forget to leave some feedback. :)

I send this challenge home before the break. I usually print it on really bright Astrobrights paper so the kiddos can find it easily.
Each student that completes it (AND turns it in on time) gets a special treat. There's a reason that I don't take late challenges. When a child gets rewarded for turning it in on time, other children go home and have their parents sign all the boxes without doing anything.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pencil Grip Giveaway

Hello friends! I was contacted by The Pencil Grip Inc. to try out a set of their pencil grips. Each set has three pencil grips that you can use to help your studens correct their grip.

The green grip is the Crossover grip. This is what students use first. Then, they transition to the Pinch Grip (red) and finish with the Original Grip (blue).

My biggest problem with correcting pencil grip is trying to fix at least two years of incorrect grip by 2nd grade. However, it is extremely important. Did you know correcting and child's pencil grip and, hopefully, improving his handwriting can lead to improved reading fluency and comprehension? Automaticity is so important because it frees their brains up to learn so much more.

These grips have really helped me address grip problems in my classroom. This year, thankfully, I only have two students who need extra help with their grip. However, all my students thought these grips were so cool that they wanted to try them out.

This chart that came with the Grips was really helpful for me. I started both my kiddos off with the crossover grip. I have noticed an improvement in their handwriting using the grip. I hope to move them onto the Pinch Grip soon. 

Check out more information about The Pencil Grip here.

So are you intrigued now? I'm giving away a set of three grips from The Pencil Grip Inc. You can enter to win below. You can win extra chances to win by sharing an image on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram showing why you need the Pencil Grips in your classroom. (Be sure to exclude student names.) Tag me in the photo @swimmingintosecond and use the #pencilgripgiveaway.

Good luck! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring is Fun with Carson-Dellosa

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today was an inservice day for the primary election so I have a little more energy to blog. I want to share with you some fabulous new resources for Carson-Dellosa. Carson-Dellosa sent me the resources to try but all the opinions are my own.

 The first resource they sent me was this resources for science interactive notebooks. I really loved this resource! Of course, I forgot to take pictures of it in action but I wanted to share a few of the great ideas included. 

Here are some sample pages from the resource that are perfect for spring. There's a great activity for Earth day and teaching your students to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

One of my favorite resources was the life cycle pages included in the book. Here's a sample one for butterflies. There's also one for frogs and plants.

I love that they included blank notebook templates in the book so you can use them for whatever you want. Here are two examples. The possibilities to use them are endless.

 I thought this one was great for teaching about flowers. Students could write their science vocabulary words on the petals or they could write characteristics of plants. 

I love these little shaped flaps. They could use the lightbulb for when they had an AHA moment. They could use the heart for something that they loved. The octagon could be used for something that made them stop and think. 

If you go to Carson-Dellosa, you can view the pages within this book. Click here and then click "Look Inside." 

The fine folks at Carson-Dellosa also sent me some bulletin board sets to pretty up my classroom. Now, I don't have much bulletin board space so I had to use these on the side of a file cabinet and on my whiteboard. 

I'm using the heart decorations for Valentines day to share some great homework. My kiddos have been really slacking on their homework so showing off a few pieces really gets them motivated. 

I've been having another problem with my class taking AR tests without reading the books. Well, that's just not going to fly in my classroom so I thought I'd challenge them to go 3 days with everyone passing their AR test.

Now this is not as cutesy as I would like but it's March and I'm running on fumes right now. 
Hope you have a great night!

Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received these products for free to review.