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September 19, 2011

This week, we are working on a hard skill for some kiddos…quotations. They have such a hard time figuring out where the darn things go..before the period, after the period, and the comma really throws them for a loop.
Today, I had the kids write a sentence on a sentence strip with elbow macaroni as the commas and quotation marks.

We also did this rhyming poem from the book “Punctuation Celebration.” If you don’t have it, you should definitely check it out from Scholastic. There are cute poems for all types of punctuation.

I’ve made this resource to practice this skill. I am going to cut them in half so each child gets a different person. There are 11 different pages so that makes enough for 22 kids. There are two version available. One with the quotes already added and one where the kids need to add the quotes themselves.

Click here to download the pages.
Quotation marks

No quotation marks

We are also working on changing a y to an i and adding es when we do irregular plurals. I made a sign for my kids to help them remember.  Click on the picture to download.
I’ve also had some questions about how I display my standards. Here are a couple of photos from my classroom.

 I use a little pocket chart to display the teacher standards. We have to have these posted every day.

I use part of my whiteboard for the student cards. I use Stikki Clips to hold the cards up. This makes it easy to change them out everyday.

I’ve also posted the Tennessee standards in reading and math as they go along with the Treasures series and the enVision math series. I’ve had many requests for these because they are more detailed than the common core standards. You can find them in my TPT store.

Have a great Tuesday!

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