Plant freebies and Schoolhouse Rocks

September 13, 2011

We have started our unit on plants and I am so excited. I love teaching plants! There are so many things that you can do to teach plants and the kids love everything. Today, I introduced the topic by doing a graphic organizer with the class. Then, the kiddos completed one on their own. I forgot to take a picture of my anchor chart but it looks like the kids’ version. Click on the image to grab yourself a copy.

 Tomorrow, we are going to plant our lima beans in a cup with some dirt. We have great light in our classroom so they usually grow pretty fast. The kids love seeing how fast and high their Lima beans grow. I made this plant observation journal to go with planting the Lima beans but I made it generic in case you plant something else. The kids will write down what they observe each day and make a drawing.  Click on the first picture for a copy.

By the way, as anyone seen the Schoolhouse Rocks video called “The Tale of Mr. Morton.” I showed it today to teach subjects and predicates. I absolutely love it. I had never seen it before until yesterday. Check it out below. I had to buy it from iTunes because my school district blocks Youtube. The kids loved it so I will be showing it all week.

Have a great night!

6 Comments on “Plant freebies and Schoolhouse Rocks

  1. Love love love the things I bought on TpT! Please continue to make packets beyond The Tiny Seed, I will buy them all. My students sing the Tale of Mr. Morton—thanks!

  2. My school blocks Youtube as well, but I have found a way around it. On my home computer I downloaded a program called Youtube Downloader so I can download any video I want to use. Then I just transfer it to my school computer using a jump drive 🙂

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