New Treasures Unit and a freebie

October 29, 2011

Happy Saturday everyone! I can’t believe how cold it’s gotten here in the last day. We’re not expecting any snow in Tennessee like some of your northerners but it is going to be chilly sitting at the UT football game tonight. I’ve finished my next Treasures unit for “Head, Body, Legs.” Here are some images from the unit.

Check it out at Teacher’s Pay Teachers and Teacher’s Notebook. Click on the links below.

Here’s a questioning freebie for you. We’ve been working on generating questions while we read during reading groups. This is a form I’ve used to help the kids keep track of their questions.
Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

4 Comments on “New Treasures Unit and a freebie

  1. Are you in Knoxville?! I'm right outside Kingsport across the Virginia border! Tennessee fan born and bred!! Watching the game as I type! I'm currently a reading specialist working at two elementary schools specifically with K-2nd. Love it! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  2. Love your blog! I teach 3rd grade in Murfreesboro, but I'm able to implement many of your ideas. Hope the Vols pull this one out! We were planning on coming to Homecoming next week but since it's a night game, not so sure now. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas! Best, Tricia

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