Cause and Effect, Polar Bears and freebies for you

January 21, 2012

This week, we have been practicing cause and effect and learning about polar bears. I had actually planned on learning about several Arctic animals but my kiddos were hooked on polar bears.

I found this great book at the library and used it for teaching cause and effect.
I was so excited to see that it was in the Scholastic book flier for
“Favorite Authors.” Don’t you just love when you can find great book for
In this story, Goldilocks falls in the burrow of the hares when she was running from the 3 bears. This is funny story and your kids will love it. After reading it, my kids took a cause and effect from the story, wrote a sentence about each, and drew a picture. I just love kids’ drawings.

I couldn’t believe how interested my kids were in polar bears. This is the first time that I had taught about them and they couldn’t get enough.
On Tuesday, we talked about our polar bear schema and read a few books about polar bears.

After we read a few book, we moved some of the post-its over to the misconceptions square.

I used several activities from Deanna Jump’s Arctic Animals unit and I hope to use more when I can teach about other Arctic animals.

On Wednesday, we made a Polar bears can, have, are chart. I had already made this before I bought Deanna Jump’s unit but she has one in it too.

On Thursday, we wrote about what our new learning about polar bears. The kids wrote and wrote and wrote. One little boy asked me if we could make a polar bear on Friday and “our writing paper can be the body.” So, I worked on it on Thursday afternoon and this is what I came up with.

Since they wrote so many pages, I stapled the pages together at the top of a half sheet of white construction paper.  To make these polar bears, each kid needs a large sheet of white construction paper. There will be some extra space but it takes up most of the space. They also need a small piece of black construction paper.

 I drew patterns on old manila folders and cut out a few for each table. The kids pass the patterns around and trace them on their paper. To make it easier on me, I write what each piece is, how many they need, and the color on top of each pattern.
I scanned my patterns and you can download them by clicking on the links below.

I had the kids make their own eyes and noses so the polar bears would be somewhat different. They also added claws to the polar bear’s feet.

I’ve created some new resources for teachers who do not use Treasures. Many of the things in my Treasures units can be used with other reading series.  I created 3 new verb packets that are now on sale in my TPT store and Teacher’s Notebook store.

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  1. Hey Courtney,
    The cause and effect one works fine! I just can't find the polar bear thinking map. Was it a freebie too? Thanks for emailing me.

  2. I love your polar bear! I also going to see if I can find the Golidlock and the Three Hares- for cause and effect. Thanks for sharing the resouce.

  3. There is a free ap on iPad for the San Diego zoo. But you could probably go to their website too. If you go to MEDIA, they have live webcams of the polar bears. It's very cool for the kids to watch.

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