Top Ten Tuesday Linky Party

July 23, 2013
I love top ten lists! Every time I see one, I have to read it. I thought it would be fun to have a top ten list for different teaching topics so I thought I would host a fun, new linky party called “Top Ten Tuesday” and have a different topic each week.
(1) My Activboard

 I didn’t have my Activboard at the beginning of last year and I was totally lost. The day my Activboard got moved to my new classroom was a happy day!

(2) My Scotch laminator

I love how thick the laminating is and how the laminating doesn’t peel. I broke the feeder tray but my laminator still works. 
(3) My Erin Condren life planner
This really helps keep me sane when I can’t remember anything.
(4) Post-it notes

I love Post-it notes. I have tons of them. I’m trying to figure out a use for the really big ones they have now but I’m sure I’ll end up getting them.

(5)  My Brother P-Touch label maker

This label maker is so easy to use and the labels really stick and look nice.

(6)  my bell

I ring this bell when I’m done with a reading group or math group and ready for the groups to change. My kids transition so much better with this than with me telling them to change.

(7) Scholastic News

I got Scholastic News through a DonorsChoose project last year and loved them. They are great ways to teach science and social studies. My students loved them and the technology piece is wonderful. I am excited that I got another project for them funded for this school year!

(8) Ticonderoga pencils

These pencils are the best pencils. They sharpen easily and don’t break as easily as some of the others.

(9) the Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener

I hate sharpening pencils! This pencil sharpener saved me from hours in front of a mechanical pencil sharpener. I wouldn’t let my students use the electric sharpener after going through 3 in one year. They are way to expensive for that! My students could use this one easily and I could turn the sharpening over to them.

(10)  Lots and lots of books

I love books and my classroom is filled with them. My students always have plenty to read because I have so many books.

I would love for you to link up. What are your classroom must haves? I can’t wait to see what you love and what I need for my classroom. This linky party will stay active until next Tuesday when I  post another topic.

What top ten lists would you like to see?


17 Comments on “Top Ten Tuesday Linky Party

  1. My D.C. project for the Scholastic News was funded! Yay! I'm excited! And i LOVE my label maker…well, actually, it's the Mr.'s, but don't tell him I stole it! lol

  2. We have a few things in common Courtney. Congrats on being funded. I actually was last summer..great BIG beanbag chairs for my Reading Corner. Love them!


    1. Make sure to watch the video on the website so you know how to use it. It confused me at first but the kids picked it up quickly. Enjoy!

  3. I just purchased the Scotch laminator this summer after breaking my old one. I also bought that pencil sharpener after seeing every teacher swear by it on their blogs. I can't wait to use it this year because I absolutely hate the sound of the electric sharpener. Your classroom library looks awesome! I can't wait to get into my new classroom to see what I'm working with.
    The Traveling Teacher

  4. Awesome to see that Scholastic news was on your top 10. Our school just decided to get those this year and I wasn't sure how they would fit in to everything. Glad to hear you like them! I also LOVE my smart board, laminator, and sticky notes! I need to look into that pencil sharpener…sounds like a dream come true! I hate that buzzing noise and broken pencils!
    Rambling About Reading

  5. I love the look of your library! I am going to be doing a make-over on mine. Where did you get the book bins on the middle shelf (the taller pink and blue ones)?


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