Flashback Post: Loving Those Math Facts (with Freebies)

February 9, 2014

 Today I am bringing you a flashback post from last February. This year, my class is still focusing on mastering their math facts without using their fingers. So hard for many of them! We are tracking our progress and trying to get at least 20 correct on their timed tests.
Check out my post below to grab some freebie math facts tests. 

My kiddos are working hard on getting faster
on our math facts. This is our grade level focus for this 9 weeks and we
have been working on it everyday in my class. Our goal is for the kids
to get 20 or more math facts done in a minute and a half.  I do a 25
question timed test everyday for practice and we graph the previous
days’ results.

Grab a copy by clicking on the image above.

I copied this graph on colored paper and the kids
keep it in their desks. They love to see if they have grown from the day
before. One of my kids said it was her favorite part of the day.

My teammate Heather
had a great idea to have the kids write our goal on the back of their
paper. When I was making practice tests, I went ahead and typed it on
the test. I also put astericks beside number 20 so they would know that
this is where they need to get to with a quick glance.

Grab 10 free math timed tests by clicking on the link above.

When I give the math facts assessments from my district, I have noticed that some of my kids put the astericks on their page.

facts are so important for kids to know quickly and I’ve noticed more
of my kids quit using their fingers on these tests. We play “Around the
World” for quick practice when we have a few extra minutes. In this
game, 2 students face off and whoever knows the fact quickest moves on
to the next person.

What games do you play or activities do you use to help students practice their math facts?

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5 Comments on “Flashback Post: Loving Those Math Facts (with Freebies)

  1. I love your idea of graphing their results and how they check to see if they made progress from the day before. I'll have to try that too. For some more fact practice, my kids play addition top-it with Everyday Math decks of cards, but you could play with regular playing cards. Kids each get 2 cards and add them up, whoever has the highest sum wins the cards. Sometimes we do this with 3 cards each or do a subtraction version.They also love playing addition bump games. When they are finished with the Lesson Work part of Math Rotations they practice facts with addition and subtraction flash cards (thank you Third Grade Thoughts for this idea).

    1. My grade level does a competition on Thursday so we all give the same test that day. We don't practice that test before Thursday just so no class has an advantage. Sometimes I will do ones that we have already done and sometimes I'll cut ones in half and give them 45 seconds to do it. I like to vary what I do just so it doesn't get boring.

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