Whatcha Reading for Halloween?

October 22, 2015
Hi everyone! Can you believe that Halloween is next week? October flew by. 
I’m here to share some new reads that I found for Halloween. If I have time this weekend, I’ll try to post some ideas to use with each of the books. Click on any of the book covers to view the book on Amazon.

How cute is this cover? The Fright Club’s mission to really scare kids on Halloween so they meet to go over their plan. Things don’t go quite by plan when some cute little critters try to join the Fright Club. Your students will love this book.

This is an adorable story with beautiful illustrations. The story shows how a pumpkin seed grows through the different seasons and how it changes. 

This story is about 3 monsters who think they are big, bad, and scary. They create a super big and bad monster and are surprised by how it all turns out. This would be a great book to reinforce good behavior.

A short, cute book to share on Halloween about a brave witch who goes to see scary humans on Halloween.

One of my students’ all-time favorites for Halloween. My book is falling apart but they still love it. Plus they are learning body parts too.

I love this book that goes along with the song lyrics for its detailed illustrations. The kiddos love this one and the words on the cover are sparkly too.

These are my two favorite Halloween books. I love reading these books to my kiddos.

So what Halloween books are you reading?

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  1. We have read Crankenstein, Even Monsters Need Haircuts, the Vanishing Pumpkin and Stellaluna to tie into the bat theme. Next week we will read I Need My Monster. I wish I could just read to my kids all day! ☺

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