Monday Motivation: Classroom Library

June 19, 2017 3 comments

Today I’m linking up with Jen of Teacher by the Beach to share my classroom library organization. My classroom library is my favorite area of my classroom and I have organized it in so many different ways over the years.

Here’s a look from one of my previous library arrangements. I use this rolling cart from Lakeshore to organize and store AR books. Each book has a dot corresponding to the level and it matches the color in the front of the bin.

This was my old library look. I organized books by theme and author. The small bins are from Really Good Stuff and the tall bins are from Big Lots. The beanbag chair didn’t last much longer than a year.

I ziptied some crates together for buddy books. I placed multiple copies of books in plastic baggies. If students can’t figure out where to return a book, they place it in the put back bin. One my student jobs is to put the books back where they go as the librarian.

As my library has grown (#allthebooks), I purchased some taller white bookcases. I think the white makes the library look so much more consistent and cleaner. I’m still using the same bins from Really Good Stuff and Big Lots but I have more room for books now.

It’s important to have comfy seating in the library, so I have these adorable owl beanbags from Hayneedle. They are a bit deflated now so I’m going to fill them again this summer.



I found this storage bench on clearance at Home Goods. It is one of my favorite finds. It had a small mark on the top but you can’t even tell.

I’ve got my Kohl’s stuffed animals and Target finds on the top of the shelves. I really wanted to put books up there but it’s too tall for the kids. On the far shelf, I covered over the boxes that my leveled readers came in for chapter book series.

At the beginning of the year, my library arrangement wasn’t working so I moved the shelves to the other side of the room. I liked the shelves much better this way because they didn’t block as much of the wall.

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