All About Epic!

March 3, 2018

Are you an Epic! Educator? I am obsessed with Epic! Books for Kids. My kids use it pretty much every day. I assign them books or they choose books on their own to read away when I’m doing reading groups.

Each week, I like to assign them books based on the content that we are learning during the week. This past week, we read about firefighters so I created a Firefighter collection.You can also copy other people’s collections to your library.

To create a collection, click on any book that you want to use. You click “Add To” in the top left corner. From there you can create a new collection or add it to a previous collection.

If you click on the Assign tab after you create a collection, you can assign it to any student profile that you have created. You can also share the collection with any Epic! teacher so I usually share these with my teammates.

You can also see what your students are reading and if they are spending enough time in each book. This is under your Dashboard. If your students don’t spend enough time in each book, it won’t let them finish the book.

I love using Epic! for research. You can assign books based on each students content or they can search for the books themselves. Epic! is constantly adding new books and there are books on all kinds of subjects available.

Best of all, Epic! is free for teachers. Click on the image below to create your own free account on Epic!. Your students will thank you for it.