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August 12, 2011

I’ve finally finished setting up most of my classroom. After the new evaluation training today, I hope to plan the first day of school. We only have a half day of school the first day so the day really flies.

 My welcome board – I made a surfboard for each child out of scrapbook paper and placed their name on the edge.  I really love how my palm trees turned out. I’m a big fan of fabric on bulletin boards. I think it makes the boards look so much sharper and it lasts so much longer than paper.

 Since I rarely use my whiteboard because I have an Activboard, I thought that would be a good place to place the student friendly standards for the day.

 Sorry for the blurry picture. Our classroom lights are so bright that it’s hard to take a good picture. This is a picture of my leveled library and series books. I have themed books and individual book boxes on other bookshelves.

 My crate seats have been a big hit with other teachers and the students that have seen them. I placed extra books that I can’t fit in my library within the crates to keep them from moving all over the place.

My listening station
I hope you have a great Friday! I plan on finishing science and social studies cards this weekend to go along with the common core standards cards. Since science and social studies haven’t changed to the common core standards, I hope to include standards that can be used in several different states.

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  1. I have a beach theme, too! And my welcome board is very similar, but I haven't added the words yet! I'll have to post pics when my room is finished. 🙂 Cute!

  2. They are actually cut out on the Cricut. I'm not sure of the cartridge title but I can check tomorrow at school if you are interested. It is my favorite too!

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