End of the Year Gift Linky Party

April 15, 2012

I don’t know about you but I love giving my students fun gifts at the end of the year. I’ve seen tons of great ideas on Pinterest but I would love to see what you do for your kiddos. So I’m hosting an End of the Year Gift Linky Party.

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Here’s what I did last year:
I bought some red plastic cups at Walmart. I think they were like 4 for a dollar.  I bought some random things that I put in the cups. I included some fun pencils, erasers, 3 dice,
On the cups, I put this cute little poem that I found online.  I printed the poems on large labels and attached them to the cups. I tried to make it so the kids could wash their cups but it just wasn’t working for me. After I finished with the inside stuff and the label, I wrapped the cup in blue cellophane and tied it at the top.  With the gift, I included some BUMP game boards and some fun summer activities.

I created a label for this year with a poem that I wrote for the end of the year. I loved the one that I found online last year but it was a bit too long for the labels. To use these labels, download a copy and print on Avery 4″x 2″ shipping labels.

Click on the image to grab you a copy.
Frame from Jazzy Patterns
Fonts from DJ Inkers

Today, I went to Target and found some beach balls that were 97 cents so I got a supply for my class. I plan on giving to them on the last day of school and letting all the kids sign each other’s beach balls. If you have time and help. you could also have them do hand prints on the beach balls. So fun and a great summer present! I plan on attaching this card with the beach balls.

This is what I am planning this year but I may change my mind depending on what you share. I can’t wait to see your gift ideas!
I would also love to see what you do if you make gifts for your students’ parents at the end of the year.


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  1. I will be linking up soon! I already posted today.. so maybe tom or Friday!! Love this idea!
    Teaching, Learning, & Loving

  2. I do a slideshow presentation for my parents and students at the end of the year. I am a teacher that takes pictures of everything that we do so I have a lot to choose from. After the presentation, the parents get to take a DVD of their childs 2nd grade year home with them. I still have parents from years passed that stop and tell me that they still watch their DVD with their child. That makes me smile.

  3. I go to the Dollar Tree and buy these huge syringe like water guns and write on them with a Sharpie, "We had a BLAST in Third Grade!" Then, we go outside and have this huge third grade water fight.
    It's a GREAT way to spend one of those last days in the last week. The kids love it!!

  4. I teach kindergarten. I buy buckets at Michaels for $1.00. With a permanent marker I print in bubble letters, I dig kindergarten. I write their name on the back of the hanging shovel. Then we have a signing party and everyone signs each buckey. I put bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a jumprope,& sunglasses in the bucket. All from the Dollar Tree. Some years I have gotten beach balls. I write 'We had a ball in Kindergarten. Everyone signs the balls.

  5. I teach second grade and I made "Fun Pads" for my students. Its a pad of paper with different literacy and math games they can do anywhere (in the car, restaurant, home,at pool, etc.). They turned out quite cute. I used a special glue that bound all the pages and it had a cardboard back too!

  6. I taught second this year but I've taught pre-k, k, and 1st. I have an end of the year poem I made up I put in a cute paper bag with fun things that I list in the poem. Like band aids, bookmarks, pencils, a book, beach ball, etc. thanks for the ideas!

    1. I put the beach balls and a book I had bought my kiddos in a small gift bag. I glued the tag on the bag. I got a pack of 6 gift bags for about $2 at Target.

  7. I used these (Have a Ball This Summer!) two years ago at the end of the school year, and I am using them again! I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing! 🙂
    ♥ Dawn

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