Money, Money, Money (freebies)

October 14, 2012

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I have my first observation on Monday morning so I’ve been stressing about it this weekend. I’m ready for Monday to be over. Fall break starts on Thursday so I am definitely ready for that. We only get two days but it’s better than nothing.

I have been teaching money for the past week. It is not my favorite math unit to teach. For some reason, first grade doesn’t teach money in our math series so it’s been very slow going.  I’ve been looking for anything that will help my kiddos count money.

One idea that I have found that helps is Hairy Money. This is not my idea but whoever thought of it is a genius.

Font from Rowdy in Room 300, Clipart from DJ Inkers, Frame from JW Illustrations

The kids add a hair to help them count each coin by fives. I told my kids that the poor penny is bald because he doesn’t have any hair and the nickel has a mohawk. They got a kick out of how hairy the half dollar is. This has really helped them count coin combinations.

I also created a math practice sheet to see if they remember how to count money after the weekend.

Font from Rowdy in Room 300, Clipart from DJ Inkers

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I too have to start teaching money and feel that it is something that should be taught all year long rather than in one "unit" as our math program does. I have a a supplemental unit I downloaded that I plan to do "a little at a time", but this resource is great to throw in!

    What i have learned

    1. We went over it many times. The first time, we counted by fives to see how many hairs would be on each one. You have to get the students to understand that each hair stands for 5 and they can do it.

  2. I use this concept with my kids and it works!!! I also wanted to add that for a penny I teach my kids that they have 1 LEG. When they draw the leg it points down opposite of the hair. Anyhow, I love your freebie. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can't wait to use this with my 2nd graders this year. I have used the dot maethod but some still do not get it. Thanks for the cute idea and help to get 2nd graders to learn to count coins!

  4. Would you be open to us reprinting and sharing your hairy money poster for all of our 2nd grade classrooms in Rochester, MN? We would use your resource as created with acknowledgement/copyright that they came from you.

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