D is for Dismissal (ABCs of 2nd grade)

June 12, 2014

Today’s post is going to focus on dismissal. Dismissal can be an extremely stressful part of the day because students can easily get out of control as you are rushing them to the bus or the car.  Before the school year begins, you need to think about what you want students to do before they go home for the day.
Each year, my schedule changes. This past year, we had to pack up and get everything ready to go home before we went to specials. This year, we will have specials in the morning so my routine will need to change. 
My first few years of teaching, I never thought about setting down routines for dismissal. Honestly, I was so ready to get my kiddos on the bus to go home that I didn’t take the time to make this a routine. The past few years, I realized how important it was to teach my kiddos a routine for getting packed up at the end of the day. This was mostly to maintain my sanity and get them home on time. 
Here are some questions to consider:
Click on the image to download this page.
Once you have thought through your routine, take the time to teach your students how you want them to dismiss each day. This will take a few weeks for a smooth routine. 
Of course, for some students, they will need reminders. I have my dismissal routine printed up and put in the room so students can look at it and remember what to do. This saves me a bunch of time each day without having to remind certain kiddos constantly. If you are interested in checking it out, click on the images below.


Check out my next post on those dreaded evaluations.


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7 Comments on “D is for Dismissal (ABCs of 2nd grade)

  1. Thanks, I'm loving this series. I know you love books and I'm wondering how you teach your kids to take care of the classroom books and maintain those habits throughout the year as they obviously need to be revisited. Thanks,

  2. Thanks! I have always taken the time to establish the dismissal routine, but have never posted it. Genius! Our dismissal is so crazy because car riders leave 20 mins before the last bus. After reading your post, I was inspired to be a little more creative with what they should do once they're packed and ready:). I can't wait to get started on a new routine and borrow your charts to start the year.

  3. Thanks for posting the ABCs! This next year will be my first year and I'm so excited to be in 2nd grade! I've been doing a bunch of research about 2nd grade. I love your idea of establishing a dismissal routine. Thanks for posting. I'm enjoying reading all of your ideas. 🙂

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