N is for No Excuses (ABCs of 2nd grade)

July 17, 2014
Today’s post will be focusing on something you must have in your classroom no matter what grade, a No Excuses board. It has been really helpful for me in laying out my expectations for student work. 
Here is a picture of my No Excuses board in the classroom. (Please excuse the glare in the picture.)
 With the No Excuses board, I introduce the different cards slowly. When I see one of the kiddos not follow a rule on the No Excuses board, I direct their attention to the board and remind them of the rule. Eventually, my students started pointing these things out to each other. I love it when I hear one of them say, “There are no excuses for not writing your name on your paper.” 

I’ve made a freebie for you to download that includes these No Excuses cards, bulletin board header, a No Excuses card that students can keep in their desks, and editable cards too. Click on the picture above to head over to my Facebook page to download. You have to be a fan of my page to grab the freebie. 
Enjoy! Check out my next post on Organization.

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18 Comments on “N is for No Excuses (ABCs of 2nd grade)

  1. This is exactly what second graders don't do. I get so tired of no name papers. Thanks for sharing this. I want to put one on each of my student's desk.

  2. Great tip!! You did well to keep your list small in number…mine would be miles long! But, I will start with yours…second graders all over the world seem to be the same!

  3. Talk about high expectations!!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE this. Seeing as how we are literally 45 minutes away from each other…we really should meet up one day!

    Loving the summer ABC's series. One of the best blog series I have ever read. You go girl!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  4. This is wonderful! I don't have a Facebook account though so I was wondering if you could possibly email me the freebie. It would be greatly appreciated! 🙂 I follow you on Instagram if that helps!

    Thanks so much!


  5. Hi – I found your "No Excuses" board interesting – I would like to try to implement it – however I am sensitive to special needs students in the classroom. There are students who have Dyslexia or other learning challenges who may not always start their sentences with a capital a letter or those students with ADD who may "forget" to put their name on their paper. Do you have any suggestions as to how to be more inclusive with the "no excuses" board? Thank you.

    1. I would suggest making your “No Excuses” board with items that your students can do independently with few reminders. I also have students with different learning needs but it provides a good reminder for them to check for these things before they finish their work. I don’t punish them if they forget something but it does provide more accountability on the part of the kids.

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