Bouncy Bands review

November 25, 2015

Hi everyone! Hope you are destressing and thinking about your blessings. I want to share a fun product that was sent a few weeks ago. This product is called Bouncy Bands. Scott, the CEO, has been an elementary counselor for 18 years so he know something about wiggly children.

These bands are designed for your active learners who may need a little help focusing on their work. I have a few kiddos who could benefit from something that could help them focus so I tried out the Bouncy Band with them.

I used the Bouncy Bands for desks with some of my kiddos. These were so easy to put on the desks and the quality is great. I’ve moved my students’ desks probably 5 times over the time that I’ve had the Bouncy Bands (it’s been one of those years) and the bands do not make moving the desks any more difficult.

My favorite thing about the Bouncy Bands is that they make zero noise. I’ve had a few students who had things attached to their desk to keep them calm and these things were always so noisy. To me, it’s not worth attaching something to the kids’ desks if the noise from it is going to drive me crazy.

If you are interested in checking out this product, click on the image below. There’s a video there for you to check out the product in action.

Thanks Scott for letting me try out the bands! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!