Spring Break Reading Challenge Freebie

March 9, 2016

Are you ready for Spring Break? I know I am. My school district has Spring Break next week. I’m ready for a break and I know the kids are. Recess this week (in the 70 degree weather) has been a wild ruckus. However, I do like to encourage my kiddos to keep reading over the break. A reading challenge really helps. I created this challenge last year and shared it on TPT so you might already have a copy.

Click on the picture to download the freebie. Don’t forget to leave some feedback. 🙂

I send this challenge home before the break. I usually print it on really bright Astrobrights paper so the kiddos can find it easily.
Each student that completes it (AND turns it in on time) gets a special treat. There’s a reason that I don’t take late challenges. When a child gets rewarded for turning it in on time, other children go home and have their parents sign all the boxes without doing anything.