Getting Ready for Back to School (FREEBIE)

July 28, 2016

Hi everyone! I head back to school next week (without kids, thankfully) so I’ve been thinking about getting myself organized. If you know me, this is kind of a joke because I am really not an organized person. But I think it’s crucial to be organized for back to school.

One thing that I’ve been doing is getting some of my items printed and ready to hang in my classroom. My district has decided that we can no longer print in color so I’m just printing my color things at home. This year is going to call for lots of Astrobrights paper since I think color makes papers stand out to parents.

I went ahead and redid my arrival and dismissal procedure charts. These are probably my favorite thing in my room because my kiddos rely on them so much. Even in March, there are kiddos that just can’t remember what to do in the morning or what they do after they get their backpack in the afternoon. It’s always puzzled me why they can’t remember but I decided to just solve the problem instead of letting it irritate me.

I’ve also been getting my teacher planner organized. I got the Happy Teacher planner from Create 365. I’ve been a fan of their regular Happy planner for a while. The teacher planner just makes me happy.

I’ve made these labels a freebie for you. Just cut them out and use double-sided tape to attach them. You can move them from week to week or print out multiple copies.
 Click here to download.

My school sends postcards to our kiddos to introduce ourselves to them before the first day. I found some great postcards on Erin Condren.  You can add your picture and a message to the back for free. Saves so much time!

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